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Lot Clearing Services

Need a lot cleared of trees, shrubbery, or land debris? Let PDX Tree Service do the heavy lifting for you! We assist with complete lot clearing, shrub removal, brush removal, and more. Request lot clearing services for your property today.

Tree Removal

Expert Lot Clearing & Clean-Up

Is your home currently undergoing construction? Or have you purchased a lot in preparation for a new build-out? If so, let our team at PDX Tree Service help with the removal and clean-up of your lot. Lot clearing is a big undertaking, especially if you have several trees that need to be uprooted and removed. Luckily, our experts at PDX Tree Service are capable of handling any lot clearing job, no matter how big or small.

From beginning to end, we will see to it that tree removals, brush clearings, and clean-up are all taken care of with professionalism and care. For guaranteed services and prompt assistance, count on our professional arborists at PDX Tree Service.

Ready to Request Lot Clearing Services?

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Lot clearing should always be left to the experts. Trust our team now to take care of lot clearing projects, both big and small. Get in contact with our professional arborists today!

Brush Clearing

Eliminate Lot Debris

For the removal of smaller trees, bushes, and other growths that need to be cleared from your lot, our team can help. With our professional tools and lot clearing techniques, we can ensure that every last bit of unwanted debris and brush is removed.

Trying to manage brush clearing on your own can be frustrating if you have a large property to clear. Even if your lot is relatively small, hiring the right crew to clear it can make all of the difference. We can help with brush and debris clearing no matter what stage of the process you are in. We’ll see to it that your lot is cleared properly and ready to go for construction or other projects you are planning.

Hire an Expert

Don’t Tackle Lot Clearing Alone

Lot clearing is no small feat — especially if you have upwards of an acre or more to clear. To make sure that the job gets done correctly, hire our team at PDX Tree Service. Instead of hand clearing your lot, which can be backbreaking and time-consuming work, let our experts handle the job for you. We have the right techniques and tools to ensure your lot clearing needs are taken care of ASAP.

PDX Tree Service is the local company you can count on for lot clearing projects of any size. For lot owners across Tigard, Sherwood, Lake Oswego, Oregon City, Gresham, and surrounding cities, we are the number one tree service to rely on. Give us a call now to schedule lot clearing services for your property.