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Tree Removal Services

PDX Tree Service takes on tree removal requests of all kinds. Our team has the skills, tools, and expertise necessary to remove trees safely with precision. Whether you are looking to remove one tree or several, our experts can get the job done while maintaining the safety and value of your property.

Tree Inspections

Get Started with an Inspection

If you are considering a tree removal from your yard or lot, it is always best to start with a professional inspection. During an inspection, we evaluate your tree for any potential risks or structural problems. We perform a tree risk assessment, which helps determine your tree’s specific areas of concern. With our exceptional attention to detail, we can quickly evaluate the health of the tree and help you move forward with the best solution.

After one of our experts has inspected your tree, the best recommendations for your needs will be presented. You can count on our team at PDX Tree Service to give you an honest evaluation and estimate, making it easy to proceed with any removal services you may require.


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To follow the best course of action for your tree removal, a professional, on-site analysis is a great place to start. Contact our team now to schedule an inspection & receive an estimate.

All Seasons

Winter + Spring + Summer + Fall

Our talented crew can help remove trees of all sizes and in various conditions, no matter what time of year it is. Whether you need a tree removed in the middle of a cold, wet winter, or during the peak heat of the summer season, our team can help. We never shy away from helping homeowners with their tree removal needs and concerns, regardless of what the weather is like outside.

If you need tree removal services in the springtime or wintertime — give us a call! We’ll evaluate and safely remove any trees on your lot that are causing problems. In rain or shine, we always exceed customer expectations and deliver high-quality results.


Professional, Trusted, & Precise

With any tree removal procedure, a professional must oversee the process. Working with our team at PDX Tree Service is the best way to ensure that your tree removal goes smoothly. With many years of experience and the best tree removal equipment, we can safely and efficiently remove even the most hazardous trees.

When you hire PDX Tree Service for a tree removal project on your lot, you are sure to be satisfied with our services from start to finish. We work with homeowners and property managers in Sherwood, Tualatin, Tigard, Lake Oswego, and surrounding cities. If you are looking for professional tree removal services in your area, give PDX Tree Service a call today!